2020 Eu-SPRI ECC

“Innovation and research agendas: between policy priorities, societal challenges and academic autonomy”

INGENIO is pleased to announce the fourth edition of its PhD Days Conference, planned to be held in Valencia (Spain) in April 2020 and virtually reinvented on its online version scheduled for December 14-16th 2020. The three-day event is organized by doctoral students for doctoral students. PhD Days provides early career researchers with a welcoming setting in which to develop and refine research presentation and communication skills, receive constructive comments on their work from other students and established researchers, as well as building vital career networks.

The main theme of PhD Days 2020 deals with current approaches and controversies around the purposes and objectives of research and innovation (R&I). The conference builds on the rise of normative concepts in science and innovation policy and practice. The need to demonstrate scientific impact combined with pressure from policymakers that research addresses practical societal issues poses new challenges for the governance of science and innovation. It challenges the notion that scientific research should be determined primarily by scientific logics and goals and should be independent of external pressures. The range and legitimacy of actors involved in R&I decision-making is thus also being scrutinized from various perspectives, both conceptually and pragmatically.


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